How Distractions Can Lead to Accidents

 In Auto Accidents

On October 21, there was a fire at Santa’s Enchanted Forest (which doesn’t open until November). Santa’s Enchanted Forrest is located just off of 826 (commonly known as the palmetto expressway), the flames could be seen from one of the busiest highways in Florida.

Things like these happen all the time in Miami, and usually, they end up causing accidents because of distracted drivers not paying attention to the road. If you see something off the side of the road, or on the road, try to make sure you are aware of your surroundings. If you saw the distraction chances are the car behind you did as well and they may not look back to the road as soon.

Try to avoid these situations, change lanes away from these occurrences and drive more cautiously. But if you do have the bad luck of being crashed into by a distracted driver, make sure you take pictures of what caused the distraction and make sure you call us once you are safe.

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