Auto Accidents

A car accident can be one of the most stressful times in your life. With millions of things running through your head, you need guidance. Lolo Legal is that guidance.

One of the most important things after an accident is making sure you and your passengers are safe, material things can be replaced but lives cannot.

After that, you should get on the phone with emergency services, it’s important to promptly call them and explain your situation so they can arrive quickly.

Once the police or paramedics arrive on the scene, explain to them exactly what occurred and any pain or injuries you may have, leave nothing out. No matter how small, everything is important, you don’t know if that small injury doesn’t hurt because of an adrenaline rush or if it will get worse at a later time.

Be sure to be patient and courteous to the police officer who is writing the report. The reports hold a lot of weight, and although you are in a very stressful situation the police officer is simply doing his job.

Last, make sure to get a police report number from the police officer before they leave the scene. Sometimes the officer might also give you a driver exchange information paper. If for whatever reason this isn’t possible do not worry about it, as we can look it up and find it ourselves.

In order for a lawsuit to go through to pay for your damages, you must seek medical treatment within the first two weeks. For your initial treatment you have a couple of options: If you are seriously injured at the scene of the accident and require immediate medical attention request an ambulance to take you to a hospital straight from the accident scene. If you can drive/walk and do require medical attention, there are many urgent care centers around the state, which are usually more convenient than hospitals and not as busy.

The time after the initial treatment is when you should begin looking for a lawyer to handle your possible claim. Florida is a no-fault state, this means that your own insurance must cover the first $10,000.00 worth of treatment for your injuries. It does not matter who was at fault.

This is where Lolo Legal comes in, we will find the driver who’s at fault and what insurance they have. We will put this insurance company on notice; meaning that we will inform them that you are injured because of their insured and are seeking treatment.

We will also send letters to treatment facilities you require to get you back to 100% and let them know that you have a pending suit so they will not charge you until after you receive your settlement.

Once your treatment is complete we will compile all your medical records and send them to the at faults drivers insurance along with a letter called a “Demand Letter”. A demand letter is basically a letter stating what your damages are (including medical bills, pain and suffering, etc.) and asking for the insurance to reimburse you for those damages. We will then go back and forth with the insurance company until they pay you an adequate amount you agree with. If the insurance company does not come up with a number that is adequate then the process will move to the courts.

At no point will you have to pay anything out of your own pocket and we will not make any money unless you do. These type of cases are all handled on a standard contingency fee which most if not all attorneys of this type use. Because of this, we suggest you shop around different lawyers/law firms and see which is best for you.

At Lolo Legal, you will get transparency and 24/7 access to an attorney which larger lawyers and firms cannot provide. But most importantly, to us and our customers is that we are down to earth regular people. We will talk to you like a normal person and not try to confuse you with legalese. But really, the best way to see what we are about is to come and visit us so call/text/email us today to set up your free consultation.

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