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At Lolo Legal, our first priority is our clients, and this is what guides all our business decisions. We pride ourselves on our availability and transparency. Unlike most law firms with Lolo Legal, you have a direct line to a lawyer. We do not have a fancy office in Brickell/Downtown, because to us, it is more important to be at an easy to reach location for our clients. We do not want our clients to have to sit in traffic, then drive around looking for a parking spot which will undoubtedly be way too expensive. We are here to fix your problems, not to make more.

We are not your parent’s law firm. We are not always wearing suits, and our law firm will try to help you understand what we are doing. At Lolo Legal, we will not try to confuse you with legalese (Confusing legal words that are not used in everyday conversation unless the intent is to confuse). Another big difference is we are young, we know how to use modern technology to help make your life easier. We won’t make you come in to sign a single form when we can email it to you. We are reachable via phone, text, WhatsApp, email, social media, and you can even FaceTime us if you want. Another advantage of youth is that we are hungrier, we are not one of these lawyers who has worked for 50+ years are tired, rich, and cynical. We will fight for you tooth and nail and will not give up, no matter how much your case is worth; whether it be a million dollar policy or a ten thousand dollar policy. You will receive the same quality treatment.

There are many personal injury law firms across the state and many are much larger than us and have many more lawyers than we do. But, at Lolo Legal, we like to think of ourselves as something different, we are not here trying to serve millions of clients giving each the quickest payout (which usually means the lowest amount of money). We are going for quality over quantity, and our ultimate result is a happy client.

Frank Lolo-Lopez Esq.

I am not your typical lawyer, if you see me out of the office you would not think I am one. I will only be wearing a suit if I have to go to court. I drive a big lifted pickup truck and in

my off time, you are likely to see me working under my old, beat up Jeep, at a comic convention or at Disney. I always have my cell phone with me, and I am a light sleeper so even if you call late I will most likely answer it.

I was born in Spain (that’s why I have a hyphenated last name) but I came to Miami when I was 9 months old. My mom was Cuban but grew up in Miami, and my dad is Spaniard. This gives me a nice mix where I feel I can connect with with American, Cuban, and Spanish cultures. I am a local guy through and through I have had Dolphins season tickets for the past 10 years and i frequent Marlin’s and Heat games as well.

I went to elementary school and middle school at Immaculate Conception in Hialeah. I went to high school at Monsignor pace in Opa-Locka. I got my undergraduate degree (B.A.) from FIU in Political Science, and I got my Law Degree (J.D.) from St. Thomas School of Law in Miami Gardens.

My entire legal career (including during law school) I have worked in the field of personal injury, it is my specialty. I have worked these cases from beginning to end, as an intern, law clerk and as an attorney. I know what it takes to win these cases, I know all the tricks insurance companies do and all the traps associated with them.

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