Surveillance Video Captures Chain Reaction Crash

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This is a very clear view of a chain reaction that can occur when there is a car accident. The white pickup truck driver makes a left turn, not yielding to the sedan who may or may not have been speeding, causing an accident which then causes the sedan to crash into a light pole which then collapses, almost killing the man in blue and possibly, even landing on other vehicles and maybe even some buildings. Based on this video, the pickup truck driver may be liable to everyone, including the property that light pole fell on. But what happens if the pickup truck driver didn’t have insurance or they took off after the accident and were never found?

Well, that is where an experienced team, like us at Lolo Legal can help you. First thing you do when there is a chain accident such as this one, is to find out who was at fault. Although the pickup truck may have been at fault, it doesn’t mean the sedan wasn’t also at least somewhat at fault. In Florida, we have comparative negligence, what this means is that a percentage of liability can be established for each driver. Let’s assume the white pickup truck does not have any insurance and the sedan was an Uber. Let’s also assumed the man in blue who got away from the pole falling in the video was actually hurt by it. What can the man in blue do?

First, we must establish liability of each party, this can be done with an expert in that field who can do a battery of different experiments and tests to figure out who was at fault and to what percentage of the total. Let’s assume the expert came to the conclusion that the Pickup truck driver was 50% at fault and that the sedan driver was 50% at fault. This means that Uber’s insurance company will have to cover 50% of the man’s damages. But what about the other 50% since the pickup truck had no insurance?

Well, first we would truly investigate that the white pickup truck does not have insurance. There could be a commercial policy or even someone else who lives in the same house whose insurance covers the driver of the white pickup truck. But assuming there isn’t, the man in blue may have an underinsured/uninsured (commonly referred to as UM) policy in his own car insurance. Just because you are on foot does not mean your car insurance will not cover you, in many instances it will. UM is an add on you can get to just about any car insurance policy that covers you to a certain extent if the party at fault either doesn’t have a big enough policy or they don’t have insurance at all. If the man in blue does have UM coverage on his policy, then that will cover the other 50%.

Car accident claims can get pretty confusing when it involves multiple cars and especially when some carry large policies such as Uber/Lyfts or commercial vehicles do, while others carry no insurance at all. That is why we are here to help at Lolo Legal, if you or a loved one is involved in a chain car accident or even a regular car accident give us a call, we can help answer all the questions you may have and possibly even work on your case.

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