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At Lolo Legal LLC, we understand what you are going through. Being the victim of an accident can be an overwhelming time and can leave you feeling vulnerable and confused. If you are busy worrying about medical bills, car repairs, and how injuries will impact the rest of your life, you can’t focus your energy on recovering. That is when the expertise of a Hialeah personal injury lawyer can be your best resource.

A Client-Centered Model of Care

We are built upon a client-centered model. When you hire us as your accident lawyers, we are there for you immediately. From that time forward until you get a fair compensation, we are in this thing together.

Everything we do from this moment on is for you: the client. We believe you should have access to your lawyer at all times so you get our personal cell phone number and also have access to us around the clock via telephone, text, WhatsApp, email, or even social media or FaceTime. When you have a question or concern, you can get the peace of mind you deserve when you need it most.

Life-Changing Injuries

Injuries resulting from any type of accident can have a life-changing impact on your future and that of your family. We see this every day. Our clients are some of the most courageous people we have come to know. Many are seeking our help because they have been let down by the insurance companies that they have trusted to be there for them at times like these.

Once we take the case, our clients are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we will fight for their rights, whether it be against their own insurance company, the at-fault party’s insurance company, a defense lawyer, or in a court of law. We have seen it all too frequently, that the system that was put in place to help people has not helped them and instead even harmed them.

We Work With Your Doctors to Get the Care You Need

At Lolo Legal LLC, our Hialeah injury lawyers work hand in hand with your doctors. We review and manage all paperwork and work with your medical professionals to ensure that you are getting the best treatment for your long-term recovery.

We have access to a network of healthcare experts who understand what you are going through and can suggest courses of treatment to expedite your healing. We manage and review all medical aspects of your case in order to provide them to the insurance company with supporting documents so you can get the financial relief you need as soon as possible.

Until then, we put your creditors on notice that you are involved in a claim. They will then expect to be paid upon the resolution of that claim. You can then focus on what matters most: your health and recovery.

We Fight For Your Rights, Not Just Negotiate Settlements

Most Hialeah personal injury attorneys strive for a good outcome through settlements. But there are times when the settlement offered is insufficient to cover your medical costs and loss of income. This is where good lawyers separate from mediocre ones. Trials can be long processes that take litigation talent and persistence. Some lawyers do not have litigation experience or feel that litigation is not worth the trouble and will accept a settlement for their clients that is far short of what they deserve.

At Lolo Legal LLC, we don’t accept mediocrity and will take your claim to court to ensure that the compensation you get for your injuries is a sufficient and fair one. We examine any source of recovery available to you and strive to get the best compensation for you from those sources.

If someone else was responsible for your injuries, as expert Hialeah accident lawyers, we take the time and invest the resources to investigate the accident thoroughly in order to prove negligence and consequently file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance as well. With us in your corner, you can rest assured that we have looked at your case from all angles.

Our Promise

You never owe legal fees until we have recovered compensation for you. That is our promise. Call us today for a free consultation in order to discuss your claim and the ways in which we can help.

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  • I hired Mr. Lolo-Lopez to be my attorney for a debt I had. With his help I settled out of court, and paid less then what the original amount was. Overall, I would use him again as he was very professional and assertive.

    N. M. - Client
  • Excellent attorney, I couldn't be more satisfied!!! Kept me informed during the whole legal process and helped me obtain a settlement for more than I thought was possible! It was a pleasure to deal with a committed professional for a change.

    D. F. - Client
  • Excelente Servicio! Muy profrsional y sobre todo te hace sentir que estas seguro con sus servicios. Defiende y cuida tu caso como que fuera el suyo. Lo recomiendo el 100%!

    E. V. - Client
  • El mejor abogado en casos de accidentes. Buen servicio. Siempre contesta tus llamadas y sobre todo siempre te mantiene al corriente de tu caso. Hojala todos los abogados fueran asi como el Sr. Frank.

    T. R. - Client

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