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If you have been injured in an accident, you deserve a Coral Gables personal injury lawyer who really cares. At Lolo Legal LLC, we are not your typical injury lawyers. We believe it is what sets us apart from the rest.

As a young firm, we know how important it is to treat our clients with dignity and respect. We understand that, as an injury victim, you are facing emotional, physical, and financial demands. And we know how injury victims are at a disadvantage without good legal counsel on their side.

We Believe in Quality Over Quantity

We are not a settlement mill. Many Coral Gables accident lawyers are looking for as many clients as possible, enter into quick and easy settlements, collect their fees and move on. In fact, in the industry today, the lawyer you think you are hiring may not even be the one who is handling your claim. Many lawyers today pass on clients to other lawyers and take a portion of the legal fees. In our opinion, this is not fair to a client who is entrusting us to do the best job possible for them.

A Different Kind of Legal Representation

At Lolo Legal LLC, you get a different kind of representation that treats you as a human being and not a dollar sign. We believe that our clients are partners in their representation and we answer and return all correspondence promptly. We believe the client is our number one priority and treat each one as such.

This ensures that what is fair for you is what we strive for at all times. Because we are not a volume firm, you can trust that we will handle your injury claim the way we would want our own handled. Your claim will be personally handled by your lawyer from start to finish.

When you have hired us as your Coral Gables personal injury attorney, we work tirelessly on your behalf. We will:

  • File any necessary insurance claims for you.
  • Assist you if you need immediate financial assistance.
  • Put you in touch with medical experts so you can be assured of getting the treatment you need in order to recover.
  • Retain experts to support your accident claim.
  • Use all current technology available to us.
  • Establish a fair compensation considering all expenses, lost wages, and any other factors legally available to you.
  • Negotiate the highest settlement possible.
  • Take your claim to court if that negotiation does not get you the compensation you legally deserve.

We Work For YOU

It is our experience that some Coral Gables injury lawyers forget that they work for the client. We hope to never forget that. Our clients are the boss and we treat them that way. So we know there are times when you need answers and updates.

We are available to you at all times. You can reach us by telephone, text, WhatsApp, email, or even social media or FaceTime. If you need us, we are there for you any time of the day, any day of the week. As the boss, you deserve to have answers when you need them.

Only Personal Injury

At Lolo Legal LLC, personal injury is the only law we practice. We believe it is how we can be the best at what we do. We know this is how we best serve our clients and keep our fingers on the pulse of the personal injury field. As Coral Gables injury lawyers, we owe it to our clients to give them the best possible legal representation after an accident.

If you have been the victim of an accident, contact us for a free consultation to understand your legal rights to compensation for your injuries. If you are unable to get to our office, we are available to come to you. Call us today to understand how having legal representation can be one of the best decisions you make after an accident. See how having a Coral Gables accident attorney can level the playing field for you after an injury.

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  • I hired Mr. Lolo-Lopez to be my attorney for a debt I had. With his help I settled out of court, and paid less then what the original amount was. Overall, I would use him again as he was very professional and assertive.

    N. M. - Client
  • Excellent attorney, I couldn't be more satisfied!!! Kept me informed during the whole legal process and helped me obtain a settlement for more than I thought was possible! It was a pleasure to deal with a committed professional for a change.

    D. F. - Client
  • Excelente Servicio! Muy profrsional y sobre todo te hace sentir que estas seguro con sus servicios. Defiende y cuida tu caso como que fuera el suyo. Lo recomiendo el 100%!

    E. V. - Client
  • El mejor abogado en casos de accidentes. Buen servicio. Siempre contesta tus llamadas y sobre todo siempre te mantiene al corriente de tu caso. Hojala todos los abogados fueran asi como el Sr. Frank.

    T. R. - Client

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